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Thanks for inquiring about employment opportunities at Town & Campus Hair Care Inc. Our salon seeks to employ the best in each area of salon services. If you are looking at this you must be interested in changing from your current situation, whether it be unemployed or with a salon that you are not happy with.

Listed below are some key points that we feel may help you make the most important decision of your life about whether or not you would like to apply to our salon for employment:

  1. We seek out positive and highly motivated stylists that have a true interest in providing quality services for our clients.
  2. We like for stylists to be creative and to apply advanced techniques to achieve desired results for our clients.
  3. We believe that a friendly atmosphere is critical to enhance our clients’ visits as well as achieve an awesome working environment in which each stylist and employee can excel.
  4. Full time positions include vacation pay, health insurance, product bonus when goals are met, as well as other perks unique to our industry.
  5. Part time positions have flexibility in scheduling hours to work and we try to accommodate scheduling to fit your availability. Our job is to coordinate schedules for maximum efficiency of servicing our clients.
  6. Team work and coordination among our staff helps us to achieve greatness together and your individual talents can be recognized and nurtured through our staff educational meetings and seminars.
  7. Compensation is clearly an important factor in employment and we will explain exactly where you will fit in and give you an honest opinion about how our compensation will benefit you in your current situation. Each person has a different need and expectation so we have different types of compensation available.

If you are already in a job, and looking to move, you’ll want to know that your job search isn’t going to get back to your current employer - or anybody else. You should e-mail Greg at greg@townandcampushaircare.com and let him know what your intentions are and how secure you need the inquiry to be. From that point on he will help you with answering questions that you may have and to set up interviews and filling out applications. Again if confidentiality is most important to you then e-mail is the best, if not then simply call the salon or stop by and fill out an application. Your interest in our salon is your next step to an exciting career in the beauty industry.

Good luck in whatever decision that you make.